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Note: This is incomplete documentation for an old version of TachibanaSite. A new version is in the works, and this site runs on it in compatibility mode.

File Formats


Most of the files that you will write for your site will be Markdown files. TachibanaSite uses Michel Fortin’s PHP Markdown Extra.


For certain files (typically Markdown files), adding the extension .template will enable embedded Python with the BottlePy SimpleTemplate syntax, assuming you have enabled templates. TachibanaSite uses Python 2.


Configuration files for TachibanaSite are in php.ini format. For users, the only .ini file is the overridable file config.ini. For developers, TachibanaSite modules that add CSS or Javascript need a module.ini.


Much of TachibanaSite is written in PHP 5, but for users, the only relevant PHP files are the index.php files that must be in each page directory. Themes also need to have a StandardPage.php.

Formats for Theme, Module, and TS Devs

.js and .css

Both themes and modules can add JavaScript and CSS files. For more details, see Themes and Modules.

Note that if you are using LoadJavascript.php (as the default theme does), jQuery and utils.js are automatically included.


TachibanaSite modules can add Python modules for use in other modules or template files. For more details, see Modules.

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