Installing Windows LTspice on UNIX

Dec 02 2015

Download the Windows version of LTspice from https://www.linear.com/designtools/software/.


  1. Download Wineskin from SourceForge.

  2. Unzip Wineskin Winery and move it into your /Applications/ folder.

  3. Run Wineskin Winery. You will be greeted with a window like this:

    Wineskin Winery Start Page

    Under “Installed Engines,” click “+” then “Download and Install.” If you like, click “+” again, and then “Don’t Prompt Any of These as New.” Under “Wrapper Version,” click “Update.”

  4. Click “Create a New Blank Wrapper.” Name the wrapper, and it will be placed in ~/Applications/Wineskin. Note that this is in your home folder, not your main applications folder.

  5. Wineskin will walk you through installing the necessary prerequisites. Eventually you should get a window with a menu. One of the items will be “Install Software.”

    Note: If this window never appears, go to your wrapper in the Finder, right-click on it, and click “Show Package Contents.” Run the application “Wineskin” that you find in that folder.

  6. Click “Install Software,” and select the .exe you downloaded. The installer will run. After the installer finishes, you will be asked which executable you want to use. Select “scad3.exe”.

  7. Run the wrapper by double-clicking on it. The LTspice window should come up. You can now use the Windows version of LTspice as an ordinary OS X application.

You can get more information on Wineskin in its Manual.



$ sudo apt-get install wine
$ wine LTspiceIV.exe


In your ~/.bashrc, add:

alias ltspice='wine "~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/LTC/LTspiceIV/scad3.exe"'

Now you can run ltspice & from a terminal to open an LTspice window.

Other UNIX

Wine is likely in the package repositories for your distro. If not, you can get it at https://www.winehq.org/.

© Emberlynn McKinney