Autonomous Surface Vehicles

Jetyak Project, June 2015–April 2018

The jetyaks are autonomous surface vehicles based on the Mokai ES-Kape and the Pixhawk autopilot.

There are current plans to publish the designs, but this is still in the works. You can read this paper that uses the jetyaks. If you are interested on the history of the project, you can read this document about the first year of the project, and you can also take a look at this initial drawing [PDF] of the post-“reboot” jetyak design.

This project was started as part of my research assistantship at the CPSD lab, and was a continuous part of my research assistantship at the AFRL.

Update February 2021

The jetyak paper has now been published, along with a number of additional papers using them (many of which are also related to the other research I worked on at the AFRL):

Two Jetyaks on Lake Murray

Two jetyaks doing boustrophedon coverage of an area of Lake Murray near Columbia, South Carolina.

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