CSCE 240 Project
CSCE 240 Project Documentation


   Author: Chris McKinney 

   Date Created: Aug 24 2015
   Date Edited:  Nov 03 2015

Quick Execution

To quickly compile and execute the project:

$ cd <project>
$ ./ [args...]

To clean up the project to its pre-compilation state:

$ ./

Project Structure

<project>/ — The project root directory — Script to clean up the project directory

doxygen.config — Configuration for doxygen — Script to compile and execute the project

html/ — Directory for doxygen documentation

index.html — The main page for the documentation

include/ — Directory for header files

Makefile — The makefile for the project — This file

src/ — Directory for source files

obj/ — Directory for object files during building — Ignore. Configuration for YouCompleteMe


To compile to an executable (main):

$ cd <project>
$ make

To clean up the executable and object files:

$ make clean


To execute the program after compiling:

$ cd <project>
$ ./main [args...]


To compile the documentation:

$ cd <project>
$ doxygen doxygen.config

To clean up the documentation:

$ rm -R html/*